Self-compassion and mindfulness practice make this very clear. Mindfulness can help leaders realize that after burnout, or problems, there can be an encore, comeback, second chance, or redemption.

Comments from participants at recent workshops:

"You should come to present at the beginning of the school year! It would be a great way to start the year."

"Thank you so much. This was a wonderful experience!"

"This was a great training."

"Thank you! I'm excited to make time for mindfulness in my life."

"This was so amazing... life changing."

"Thank you. I appreciated your understanding of mindfulness content and the audience of educators. Very applicable."

"Thank you for inspiring me! I enjoyed listening to your calming voice. Thank you for providing so many resources. This mindfulness class was very needed and helpful."

"Thank you very much. It was what my anxious mind needed!!"

May 30 , 2023

Mindfulness Pt. II with Self-Compassion

  1. This is a workshop that is designed for all school faculty involved with teaching mindfulness. We will offer teaching methods and learning about the improtance of teaching self-compassion.

  2. Participants in this program will learn about mindfulness- experience with mindfulness practice is not necessary. Learn about how mindfulness and mindful self-compassion can be used to help students to learn how to cope with stress of school and thrive in the classroom. Learn how to identify students that are having challenges in school, and the techniques to deal with group facilitation or individual conversations with students and parents. Practice a variety of practices including breathing, finding a calm center, turning down the volume of stress, and acceptance as a form of moving forward.

    This workshop will emphasize evidence-based practices that help students calm down and experience a sense of quiet in the classroom. We will review these practices and there will be time in the afternoon to practice teaching or facilitating classroom and group practices. 

  3. To register for this workshop contact Traci Parsons