Finding calm in the middle of a storm is possible when one enters into stillness,

allowing the calm of the moment to enter into awareness.

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This chart reveals the differences between an emphasis on management or technical concerns of the workplace versus high degree of interest in leading or leadership qualities, and comparing them with high or low degrees of mindfulness qualities. High degrees of mindfulness and leadership are associated with compassion, caring, and influencing the organization by being fully present and practicing mindful qualities such as listening, awareness, and acceptance.

This resource contains some of the quotes from the book, Mindfulness: How School Leaders can Reduce Stress and Thrive on the Job. These quotes weave a portrait of compassionate leading, where caring and concern are primary, and leaders are concerned with cultivating the humanistic, inclusive, and affective dimensions of the workplace culture.

This is a survey that is used at the beginning of the book, Mindfulness: How Educational Leaders can Reduce Stress and Thrive on the Job. This survey captures the essence of the learning of the book and it serves as a pre and post survey of the information.

Take a few moments to complete this survey- it will give you a reading about the stress that you feel at work. Mindfulness can help with levels of stress and burnout.